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Unseen Origin

   (2005) for piano duo and percussion duo

Ji-Eun Yun, piano; Seung Min Ha, piano; Gabriel Sean Darby, percussion;  Christopher Cree, percussion

Unseen Origin (2005) for two pianos and two mallet percussion was completed only a few weeks prior to my first son Owen’s birth.  The excitement and trepidation I experienced in anticipation of such an awesome, life-changing event naturally led me to contemplate what is truly important in my own life.  In this work, I create a musical metaphor for this search through the use of a core progression of six chords.  Figuratively, I treat this progression as the meaning being sought, the goal being pursued, and enlightenment achieved through contemplation. The entire work consists of a musical journey in which the progression is gradually, though never obviously, revealed.  At times the music focuses on only one chord, while at other points the progression is expanded by transformations between the chords.  A second source of inspiration is the music of composer Magnus Lindberg, whose work with harmonic progressions is the topic of my doctoral dissertation.    Unseen Origin was commissioned by percussionist Sean Darby for a recital featuring new works for two pianists and two percussionists.

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