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E d   M a r t i n  -  C o m p o s e r



handbell choir and wind ensemble

duration 6’30”

Summoning takes the bell’s traditional role as an instrument used to signal a gathering or a call to action as its point of departure. Throughout the piece, the sounding of a single bell initiates music from collections of other instruments ranging from small groups of percussion instruments to the full ensemble. When composing the piece, I imagined one individual gradually summoning an increasingly large mass to embark on an extraordinary adventure. Summoning was composed for Dr. Leigh-Ann Lethco and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Handbell Choir and Wind Ensemble in 2015. It is based a 2014 handbell choir composition titled Conjuring.  


Listen (UW Oshkosh Handbell Choir and Wind Ensemble, Dr. Leigh-Ann Lethco, director. live recording)




  $200.00 USD - Score (pdf formatted for 11x17) and complete set of parts for handbell choir and wind   

    ensemble (pdf formatted for 8.5x11)


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